In August 2015 Dosthill Boys Club FC Under 16’s Youth Football Team were formed and competed for the first time at the Club in the Tamworth Junior Football League.

We are a Charter Standard Football Club and carry out annual health checks to achieve this accreditation.  All of the Manager’s and Coaches are F.A. Qualified, CRB Checked, First Aiders and have Child Protection Qualifications.

Plans to expand the Football Club are being discussed therefore if you are a qualified Football Coach and interested in running a Team for us at the Boys Club then please contact Neil Pearsall through the website.

We believe in achieving well being, social awareness and most importantly enjoyment through sport. It provides a grounding for children of all ages to be confident and happy through team activities.


Joe Prince               Harry Pearsall            Ben Wright              Cameron Chyla         Stephen Gibson     Kyle Nutt                    Alix Allen                Jonah Davenport Jake Anstiss          Dylan Hickinbottom  Jacob Thorold         Jake Thompson  Jack Partridge     Tomas Crean              Ewan Hardy             Dan Lockwood           Brad Eddington    

Dosthill Boys Club FC are ready for the new season.  With players coming and going we have entered the Tamworth Youth League with a strong team for the forthcoming season.

The team has been training hard throughout the summer and is now ready for the first game of the season, fixtures will be advertised here when the league release them.

Any queries or availability queries please contact Neil Pearsall (Secretary/Manager) or email

Managers:   Neil Pearsall & Jim Wright

Coach:         Mark Wilcox

Chairman:   Gary Watson

Secretary:   Neil Pearsall  –  07398 133 802



DBC FC v Gillway Boys FC  2.15 p.m. Kick Off


19.03.17 – DBC FC 1 v 3 Castle FC – Sheila Scott Cup

The semi final of the cup was held at DBC FC against Castle FC.

It was a tight game with plenty of passion throughout the game from both sides.  DBC FC went 1 nil up before the break but Castle FC soon equalised and at half time it was 1 – 1.

The second half was just as tight with all to play for and a trip to the final.  Castle’s keeper was in superb form and kept DBC FC from scoring despite chance after chance.  Quick thinking from Castle’s keeper set them away on the break twice with 2 fine finishes from their forward just before time.

Scorer:  Brad Eddington

12.03.17   DBC FC 7 V 2 Hurley Kings 

A lively friendly was held at DBC FC on Sunday 12th March against a depleted Hurley Kings.

Despite the slight age gap, Hurley put in a hearty performance as both teams entered the break at 2 – 1 to DBC FC.  Physical presence became key in the second half and DBC FC were too much for Hurley despite a fantastic solo goal from their number 9.

Well done to all players in a well mannered competitive friendly.

Scorers: Kyle Nutt 3, Jake Anstiss 2 & Joe Prince 2

05.03.17 – DBC FC 0 V 9 St Johns Warriors

DBC FC took on St Johns at Anker Valley on Sunday 5th March, despite a hearty performance from the lads, the weather, heavy pitch and a very good team got the better of DBC FC which ended with a 9 nil defeat.

DBC FC created a few chances but could not convert.


26.02.17   Whitehouse Wanderers 3 V 4 DBC FC

A very close game between Whitehouse Wanderers and DBC FC took place on Sunday 26.02.17.

Both teams battled backwards and forwards producing an entertaining game.  DBC FC went into the break 2 – 1 up following 2 superb goals from Brad Eddington.

Whitehouse Wanderers got back into the game in the second half and with 20 minutes to go the score was 3 – 2 to the home side.  The resilient DBC FC battled hard for the remaining minutes and produced another 2 superb goals just before the final whistle.

Scorers: Brad Eddington 2 & Kyle Nutt 2


13.02.17   DBC FC V Higham

Match called off due to weather and pitch.


05.02.17   Castle FC 0 V 3 DBC FC

A great performance from the lads produced a 3 nil win against a good battling Castle side.

DBC FC started really well producing lots of chances in the first half and played some great passing football. Both keepers were in fine form and at the break DBC FC were 2 nil up.

DBC FC carried on with the fine football whilst Castle changed things and came into the game playing some good football also.  However, 5 minutes from time DBC FC wrapped the game up with their 3rd Goal.  A really good game to watch with quality on both sides.

Scorers: Kyle Nutt 2, Brad Eddington


29.01.17   County Cup Quarter Final

Chasetown FC 6 V 1 DBC FC

DBC FC visited Chasetown in awful conditions on Sunday afternoon.  Despite the pitch being un-playable in most peoples opinion the lads trudged through the first half in the mud against a determined Chasetown FC who battled to a 5 nil lead at the break.  DBCFC were cold, wet and struggling to play any kind of football in the mud.

The lads rallied in the second half and with a much improved performance managed to pull a goal back.  Great effort from the lads despite the conditions and proud to have made it to the quarter final of the County cup against older opposition.  Well done lads.

Scorer:  Kyle Nutt


22.01.17   –   Gillway Boys 3 V 6 DBC FC

DBCFC produced a great first half display against Gillway Boys in this League fixture. Despite missing a penalty and producing a hat full of chances DBCFC were 3 nil up at the break.

Gillway came out in the second half a much more organised side and reduced the deficit straight away but DBC held on and notched another 3 goals before the full time whistle.  Well done lads.

ScorersKyle Nutt 3, Dan Lockwood, Jake Anstiss, Jacob Thorold


St John’s Warriors   6   V   0   DBC FC

DBC FC took on the top of the league in the Invitation cup.  Despite a good performance from the lads St Johns were too powerful and organised to hold back and by half time DBC FC were 4 – 0 down.

A much better performance from the lads in the second half created us a few chances to reduce the deficit but St Johns keeper was in fine form.  A good effort in difficult circumstances against a superior team resulted in a 6 – 0 win for the hosts.


04.12.16   –   DBCFC  2   V   2   Whitehouse Wanderers

A really close competitive game between the two sides was held on Sunday 4th December.   A great game for the neutral to watch as DBC FC came from behind twice to finish with a fair result.  An amazing save from the Whitehouse keeper in the dying minutes denied DBC FC the win.  A great performance from the lads who never gave up.

Scorers: Jake Thompson & Kyle Nutt


27.11.16   –   DBC FC   2  V   6   Whittington Albion FC

DBCFC hosted Whittington Albion in the Invitation Cup on Sunday.

It was a tough game for DBC FC who had to deal with a very good Albion side who were out to make us pay for a shock draw earlier in the season.

Despite creating plenty of good chances DBC FC struggled against their quick forwards who scored some well worked goals.

DBC FC worked hard throughout the game to lower the deficit but Albion were too strong.

Scorers:  Brad Eddington 2


20.11.16   –   DBC FC   3  V   2   Gillway Boys FC

Another great win for DBC FC against a battling Gillway.

DBC FC went 1 – 0 up within 15 minutes of the kick off and were playing some great football, but Gillway pulled it back with their quick forward play and at half time it was 2 – 1 to the visitors.

DBC FC kept their heads and continued to play good football throughout creating chances to equalise.

With 20 minutes remaining DBC Fc pulled one back to level the game 2 – 2.  A great piece of individual play produced the 3rd goal for DBC FC who hung on until the final whistle.

Great performance from the lads to pull the game back and see it through.

Scorers:   Jack Partridge, Harry Pearsall & Dylan Hickinbottom


13.11.16   –   DBC FC  3   V  1  Whittington Leopards FC   County Cup fixture

DBC FC got through to the next round of the County Cup with a slim victory over Whittington Leopards.  Despite an uncharacteristic poor first half DBC FC were holding on to a 2 – 1 lead at the break.

A slightly better second half produced another goal but a poor performance by the referee denied DBC FC a further 2 goals and a couple of solid penalties.

A good battling performance by the lads overall.

Scorers: Kyle Nutt 2  & Jake Anstiss 1


06.11.16 – Castle Juniors FC 2 – 3 DBCFC   Invitation Cup

A hard fought match took place in freezing conditions away at Castle Juniors in the Invitation Cup.

DBC FC took hold of the game in the first 20 minutes and were 2 – 1 up at half time.  Within 30 seconds of the second half DBC FC were 3 – 1 up.  Castle Juniors gave their all for the second half and scored again making the last half hour of the match very tight and it could have gone either way.

DBC FC managed to defend well against their relentless attempts by Castle Juniors to bring the score level.

Scorers: Kyle Nutt 3 (hat trick)


30.10.16 – Whittington Albion 2 – 2 Dosthill Boys Club FC

Sunday 30th October saw DBC FC take on Whittington Albion away.  Earlier in the season DBC FC lost 8-1 to the hosts.

Starting with only 10 men DBC FC found themselves 1-0 down after 5 mins.  However, with some superb attacking play DBC FC found themselves 2-1 in front after 20 mins.  They went in at half time all square at 2 – 2.

As expected Albion were relentless in the second half going forward but DBC FC pulled together with an amazing defensive display and managed to keep Albion from scoring.

A fantastic performance from the lads.

Scorers:  Jonah Davenport & Jake Thompson


16.10.16 – St. John’s 9 – 3 Dosthill Boys Club FC

Sunday 16th saw DBC FC take on the league leaders who have not lost a game since early last season.  They had not conceded a goal in the last 6 games.

DBC FC produced an amazing first half going in at the break with the score at 4 – 3.

DBC FC attempted to hang on in the second half but St Johns produced another 5 goals following injuries to DBC FC defence.

St Johns provided DBC FC with plenty of plaudits after the game.  The DBC FC lads deserved it, they gave it their all.

Next game TBC


09.10.16 – Dosthill Boys Club FC 4 – 0 Leek Harriers FC (COUNTY CUP MATCH)

The County Cup draw saw Leek Harriers visit DBC FC on Sunday 9th October.

Some fabulous football was played by DBC FC which saw DBC FC go in at the break 1 nil up.  The great build up play continued in the second half where another 3 impressive goals were scored despite a great display of goalkeeping from the Harriers keeper who kept the score to a minimum.

Well done to all involved.

Scorers: Alix Allen, Jacob Anstiss, Jack Partridge, Kyle Nutt


DBC FC did well to hold on for 40 mins with a 1 nil lead in the first half against a physical/older side from Whittington.  Two quick goals from Whttington meant that at the break the score was 2 – 1 to Albion.  With all to play for in the second half Albion come onto to DBC FC with power and pace scoring another 2 goals in quick succession which made DBC’s heads drop to which they conceded another 4 before the full time whistle.

Scorer: Dylan Hickinbottom

18.09.16   –   DBCFC 8 – 1 Gillway Boys FC

DBCFC produced their biggest win so far on Sunday 18.09.16 against Gillway Boys FC.

The football DBCFC played was great to watch as they finished the first half 3 – 0.

The second half was just as impressive as they produced another five goals.

Excellent performance by the lads.  Well done.

Scorers: Patridge3, Nutt 2, Hickinbottom, Thompson and Eddington


11.09.16   –   DBCFC 0 – 4 Whitehouse Wanderers

A tough game for DBC at home to a physical side from Sutton Coldfield.

Despite a good footballing display in the first half from DBC they found themselves 2 – 0 down at half time from two mistakes.  DBC attempted to rally together in the second half, hitting the post and crossbar but Whitehouse notched two further goals midway through.

Good effort from the lads who were subject to a physical battle against an older, stronger side.

Next home game 18.09.16 versus Gillway Boys.  K.O. 2.15 p.m.

DBCFC 3 – 1 Coleshill United

Our first friendly of the season saw DBCFC take on Coleshill Utd from the first division of the Central Coventry and Warwickshire League.

It was a feisty friendly which saw a fantastic footballing performance from the lads.  It was 2 – 1 at half time with goals from Alix Allen and Brad Eddington.  The game was put to bed in the second half with a goal midway through from Harry Pearsall.

Great team performance against a very good side from Coleshill.  Well done lads.

Scorers:   Allen, Eddington & Pearsall






Joe Prince (c)        Cameron Chyla            Dan Lockwood        Mitchell Smith   Sam Dean             Connor Orourke           Alix Allen                 Jonah Davenport   Harry Pearsall     Ben Wright                    Jacob Thorold         Ethan Maycock     Jack Partridge    Jake Thompson           Tomas Crean